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Main Details

  • Released in 1969
  • Color
  • Running Time: Spain: 83 min | Argentina: 99 min | Australia: 81 min (25 fps) (video) (cut) | Italy: 90 min | Sweden: 86 min (banned version) | UK: 70 min | USA: 86 min | West Germany: 94 min
  • Aspect Ratio: (1.66:1)
  • Production Co: Cinematografica Associati (CI.AS.)/Corona Filmproduktion/Hesperia Films S.A./Towers of London
  • Distribution Co: Commonwealth United Entertainment (1969) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed), Astral Films (Canada) (as "99 Women")
  • Directed by Jess Franco
  • Written by Anya Corvin (German dialogue), Milo G. Cuccia, Carlo Fadda, Jess Franco, Javier Péres Grober, Harry Alan Towers (English dialogue - as Peter Welbeck), Ornella Zanell
  • Starring Maria Schell, Herbert Lom, Rosalba Neri, Luciana Paluzzi, Valentina Godoy, José María Blanco, Mike Brendel, Elsa Zabala
  • Produced by Luis Laso and Harry Alan Towers
  • Original Music by Bruno Nicolai
  • Cinematography by Manuel Merino
  • Film Editing by Stanley Frazen, Bruno Mattei (Italian version), Gabrielle Reinecke (German version)

Also Known As

  • "Der Heiße Tod" (Germany) | 99 Women (UK) | 99 donne (Italy) | 99 gynaikes (Greece) | 99 mujeres (Spain - cut version) | Amour dans les prisons des femmes, L' (France) | Les Brûlantes (France) | Island of Despair (USA) | Isle of Lost Women | Prostitutes in Prison | Sex im Frauengefängnis (Germany) | The Hot Death | Women's Penitentiary XII (USA - video title)


  • 99 WOMEN...behind bars -- without men! | One soul hungered to touch another! | Whisper to your friends you saw it!

Film Versions

  • The "unrated director's cut" is the original film as envisioned by the director.
  • The "X Rated" version has hardcore scenes added by French distributors. This version is longer but not director-approved.

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