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  • Film debuts of Lee Meriwether and Robert Lansing.
  • A very young Patty Duke has a small cameo as one of the 4D Man's victims.
  • Scott and Tony work at the "Fairview Research Center." Fairview is the name of the production company that made this film.
  • The large map on the police office wall says, "Delaware - Chester Counties, Pennsylvania".
  • Jack H. Harris was able to begin production by using the advance he received for distribution of The Blob (1958).
  • In 1965 this film was recycled under the title "Master of Terror" as part of the "Master of Horror/Master of Terror" double feature. "Master of Horror" was the Argentine film Obras maestras del terror (1959), which had nearly half of its footage edited out with the remaining footage dubbed into English.
  • Lee Meriwether plays a white-coated lab tech working with a rogue scientist named Tony Nelson. 9 years later on the series "TheTime Tunnel" she would play white-coated Dr. Anne McGregor working with a rogue scientist named Tony Nelson.
  • Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether, and Guy Raymond all later made guest appearances on Star Trek (1966).
  • The total number of non-practical effects shots of the 4D Man passing through objects in the entire movie is 14.
  • The voice of Guy Raymond (Frank, the security guard) is dubbed by another actor.
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