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42nd Street Forever is the GCDb's official podcast hosted by Pete Roberts (and occasional co-host Seb) where we'll be discussing classic grindhouse films that played on The Deuce in NYC.


Show Notes and Episode Archive

  • Episode 1: GCDb Top 10 Horror Classics Countdown - (Recorded October 2, 2021. Runtime 2h 26min) Pete and Seb kick off the podcast with some history of the GCDb then to celebrate October Horror month, countdown the Top 10 Horror movies from our Top 20 Horror Classics list, look at what was playing on The Deuce on October 2nd, 1978, and close the show with some BluRay picks that should get you all started with some great exploitation entertainment.
  • Episode 3: Splatter, Sleaze & Short Ends: G.G. Graham's Favorite Forgotten Exploitation Flicks - (Recorded November 6, 2021, Runtime 1h 43 min) On the 3rd episode of 42nd Street Forever, Pete is joined by journalist/cult film aficionado G.G. Graham for a twisted trip through an eclectic collection of some of her favorite forgotten exploitation films. It's a weird, wild discussion filled with kinky sex kittens, deranged man-children and more!
  • Episode 4: DEUCEMBER 2021 Revisited - (Recorded January 16, 2022, Runtime 1hr 44 min) On the 4th episode of 42nd Street Forever, Pete welcomes back journalist/cult film aficionado G.G. Graham for a fun discussion about their personal Top 5 favorite film experiences from the annual DEUCEMBER grindhouse movie marathon.
  • Episode 5: Nail Gun Massacre - (Recorded January 30, 2022, Runtime 2h 17m) On the 5th episode, Pete welcomes author Mike Vaughn (The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema) to the show to discuss one of his favorite films, the 1985 cult classic NAIL GUN MASSACRE. Pete and Mike also pick out some upcoming BluRays and look at what was playing The Deuce on Jan 30th, 1981.
  • Episode 6: Fight For Your Life - (Recorded Dec 18, 2022, Runtime 1hr 20 min) On the 6th episode Pete welcomes Rob McGee (Xploitation Reviews) and Ken from Gotham City Drive-In to discuss one of the most infamous films from the grindhouse era.
  • Episode 7: A Nightmare on Elm Street & Missing in Action at the Rialto - (Recorded Jan 1, 2023, Runtime 32 min) On the 7th episode, Pete and Ken (Gotham City Drive-In) discuss two films that played on The Deuce, Jan 1, 1985 at The Rialto Theater: Wes Craven's slasher classic A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Chuck Norris' POW rescue classic Missing in Action.
  • Episode 8: Vigilante and Zombie at CINE 42 - (Recorded March 15, 2023, Runtime 1hr 39 min) Pete is joined by Phil Duke (Making Tarantino: The Podcast) for a fun discussion about two films that played at Cine 42 on The Deuce, March 15, 1983. First up its Bill Lustig's 1982 revengeamatic Vigilante starring Robert Forster and Fred Williamson, THEN, it's Lucio Fulci's 1979 gore shocker ZOMBIE
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