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Known DVD releases of 10 Violent Women.


  • Region 1
  • STUDIO: Image Entertainment
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: There is a full-length audio commentary from Ted V. Mikels and he seems to be having fun watching the movie, cracking a few jokes, telling us some bits of trivia regarding some of the locations, people and production troubles of the film. There's times where says very little for several minutes and that's a bit disappointing. I wish there was someone interviewing him or keeping him talking. Also included is a filmography and 6 trailers for Mikels' movies.
  • PICTURE: The visual quality of the film isn't very impressive, but that's not IMAGE's fault. The digital re-mastering doesn't have any noticeable compression or edge enhancement problems. The master print has problems and there's no financial reason to spend much on a complete restoration. Quite a bit of the film was shot in low light situations and is too dark, and washed of colors. Ted's a capable cinematographer so the fault is probably a combination of poor film stock, less then perfect film lab processing and the age of the prints. There's also some print damage. sloppy edits and end of reel deterioration marks as well.
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