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  • After reading the initial review of Women's Prison Massacre I thought I would find it a totally dull flick, but I actually enjoyed it alot. Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is thrown into prison after being framed for smuggling drugs. Once she's inside she's got to deal with the cruel prison officers and the warden as well as Albina (Ursula Flores), the prison bully (theres always gotta be one). Emanuelle and Albina have a fight in the prison yard. Albina pulls out her switchblade and tries to stab Emanuelle but winds up getting nailed in the leg herself. Meanwhile, some male prisoners are being transported to the same jail. Soon after they arrive, they get the drop on the guards and take over. Nice! This is where things get fun. Next thing ya know, the strict, no nonsense female warden does a sexy strip tease. Then the men get it on with several of the women prisoners (all hot!) including the badass Albina, who is not really the best looking gal but she's got a great body. The thing I liked about this film is that it never stops moving forward. Theres no big lulls in the plot. Theres always some action whether its sexual or violent. The Russian Roulette scene was a nice touch too! --Pete
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