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Striking a zeitgeist nerve, Wild in the Streets stars Christopher Jones (Ryan's Daughter) as Max Frost, rock singer and poster boy for the counterculture revolution of the 60's. While performing with his band The Troopers at a political rally for Senate candidate Johnny Fergus (Hal Holbrook, Into the Wild), Max seizes the opportunity to spout his own political philosophies which include, among other things, that the voting age should be lowered to 14.

And thus begins the tale of Max's meteoric rise. But as he moves further and further into uncharted waters, first as a voice for the youth movement (or is he just a mouthpiece for opportunist politicians?) and then as a nominee for President of the United States, Max will not bend to the will of the old guard. Instead he begins implementing his own ideas of what would make a better world, including "re-education camps" for those over the age of 35 along with a liberal dosing of LSD.

Wild in the Streets, directed by Barry Shear (Across 110th Street), co-stars Shelley Winters (The Night of the Hunter) as Max's mother; Millie Perkins (The Diary of Anne Frank) as Senator Fergus' daughter Mary, and Richard Pryor (Silver Streak) as Stanley X, The Troopers' drummer.

With optional English SDH subtitles.


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