Wild Wheels/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Various Artists



A1. Don Epperson: Sittin' By The Highway A2. Terry Stafford: Wine, Women And Song A3. The Thirteenth Committee: I Hear Music A4. Billie And Blue: I Can't Blame Myself A5. The Three Of August: A Thousand Butterflies A6. The Saturday Revue: Holiday Rider B1. The Thirteenth Committee: Makin' Love B2. Terry Stafford: Night Ride B3. Don Epperson: How I Fell For You B4. Billie And Blue: Playin' Hard To Get B5. The Three Of August: Merry Go Round B6. Don Epperson: Jailer Let Me Go Home B7. Don Epperson: A Hurt In My Heart

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