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Synopsis: All hell breaks loose in the zoo of a German metropolis when the local drinking water gets contaminated by a large quantity of PCP, thus turning all formerly harmless animals into ferociously aggressive beasts. Crazed by a drug-induced blood rage, they break all barriers and soon enough prey on the unsuspecting population of the town. Now it's up to a ballsy scientist and a spunky reporter to save the day and the city.

Special Features: Altered Beasts – Interview With Director Franco E. Prosperi • Wild Tony – Interview With Actor Tony Di Leo • Cut After Cut – Interview With Editor & Mondo Filmmaker Mario Morra • The Circus is in Town – Interview With Animal Wrangler Roberto Tiberti's son, Carlo Tiberti • House Of Wild Beasts – A Visit to the Home of Franco E. Prosperi • Original International Trailer

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