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A simple stroll down the lane causes poor Akiko (Naomi Tani) to get noticed by her perverted and deranged ex-husband, Kunisada (Nagatoshi Sakamoto). The sicko follows Akiko to her mother's grave and acts as if he offers her his condolences. Resisting the sight of him, she wisely decides to take off. This causes Kunisada to whip out a grappling object which leaves her cuffed to him. A nasty reunion lies ahead. Prior to the abduction, Akiko recieved word from a detective (Tamaki Komiyama) that Kunisada is wanted for child molestation. Now back in his grasp, Akiko will have to spend time at an abandoned house to (Once again) live through some degrading bondage and sexual torture delivered by Mr. Sado-masochism.

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After an exhausting 35-minutes or so, a somewhat interesting plot point develops as Kunisada stumbles upon an unconcious young couple who had made their attempt at a double suicide. Kunisada, never missing a beat, rapes the half-dead girl, Kaoru (Terumi Azuma) and later revives both her and her lover, Kiyoshi (Hidetoshi Kageyama) But instead of being let go, they're taken to the house of torment. "You will now suffer unimaginable humiliation", says Akiko to Kaoru (Who perhaps senses that she really ended up in Hell) But in a change of events, Akiko seems to no longer be harmed by the sexual violence delivered onto her and...Newfound love starts to blossom between Akiko and Kunisada? The romance is short-lived however. Kunisada no longer feels powered to control Akiko's newly discovered S&M desires. Judging by the point of view of the principles, it's really hard to tell if this thing concludes with a happy ending.

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My first introduction into full-fledged Roman Porno by the genre's most prestigious filmmaker, Masaru Konuma, was...Interesting, to say the least. As usual, some striking visual beauty is at hand the way plenty of other Japanese classics of this era had achieved. But how much of this subject matter can one take? The film was reportedly a huge smash in it's initial release, so that means that plenty of folks were able to take an awful lot of the tough-to-swallow antics on display. Which include "Pooping vouyerism", a lit candlestick that has both ends being used as a sexual device, and plenty of raping and pain-inducing bondage. Seeing extreme movies has always been a goal of mine. Well, I can say that I've sat down and seen Wife to Be Sacrificed and can now move on and not look back. Although I'm still very much open to this genre, I'll now proceed with caution to avoid stepping into Roman Porno turds that surpass the brutality of this "Sacrifice".

Reviewed by Laydback

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