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  • If theres one film that defines the Good Ol' Boy genre of the 1970s, White Lightning has to be it. Burt Reynolds plays Gator McClusky, a moonshiner whos been jailed for his crimes. Gator is released early from prison by ATF agents after agreeing to help them arrest the participants in an Arkansas moonshiners ring. Gator also finds out his brothers been murdered and plans on doing his own investigation on what and who killed him. While investigating his brothers death and trying to dodge the police, Gator hooks up with some sexy ladies along with the help of his pal (Bo Hopkins). The sheriff of Bogan County, Sheriff Conners (Ned Beatty) is a corrupt cop and Gator finds out the he had something to do with his brothers death. Look for Actress Laura Dern in a cameo as the young daughter of her real life mom Diane Ladd. This here movie gets 5 jars of moonshine! NOTE: Audiences loved White Lightning so much, that the studio created a sequel called Gator in 1976 which was directed by Burt himself! --Pete
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