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  • Region B
  • Studio: Eureka
  • Special Features and Technical Specs: BRAND NEW 2K RESTORATION • Optional English subtitles • Original Cantonese audio track, available in both original mono (LPCM) and newly restored DTS-HD MA 5.1 • Optional English audio from the film's international release, featuring an alternate (and much funkier) soundtrack, available in both original mono and 5.1 • Alternate English dub track from the films 2006 DVD release (available in 5.1 only) • New and Exclusive audio option - a custom audio option featuring the original Cantonese dialogue track, but mixed with the alternate soundtrack from the international release • On Giant's Shoulders – An archival interview with Sammo Hung [7 mins] • An additional archival interview with Sammo Hung [10 mins] • Born to Fight – An archival interview with Yuen Biao [15 mins] • Jet Fighter – An archival interview with kickboxing champion and martial-artist Benny "The Jet" Urquidez" [28 mins] • King of the Ring – An archival interview with martial-artist Keith Vitali [33 mins] • The Inside Track – An archival interview with director and action choreographer Stanley Tong [34 mins] • Spartan X Alternate Credits – The original Japanese version of Wheels on Meals featured these alternate "blooper reel" credits which would later become a traditional feature of films starring Jackie Chan (can be viewed isolated or as part of the main feature) • Additional Outtake footage [4 mins] • Original Theatrical Trailer • International Release Trailer • Original Japanese "Spartan X" trailer • PLUS: A Limited Edition Collector's Booklet featuring a new essay by James Oliver [4000 copies ONLY]
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