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  • A young girl is found hanged in a city apartment attic. Detective Valentini (Adorf) does not believe it was suicide. His colleague Cassinelli is assigned to the case, who departs to uncover a ring of child prostitution, in cooperation with the deputy district attorney (Ralli). It is a lurid case of rich, old and influential people buying access to young women, with terrible consequences. The case turns especially daring when a tape is found, with Valentini's daughters voice on it. While Cassinelli and the Madam attorney try to piece the puzzle together and solve the case, a black-leather clad killer with a hatchet brings terror to the city and slaughters those involved in the case. A cat-and-mouse game ensues, that leaves numerous people dead, and those on the side of the law find out soon enough, that not only are they in danger too, but what they will uncover, will not be well received by those wielding the power... --Seb
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