Werewolf Break

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The Werewolf Break was a gimmick used for the 1974 horror film The Beast Must Die. The viewer is invited to unfold the mystery along with the characters. Near the ending, there is an inserted 30-second break called the "werewolf break", where the audience is asked to guess the werewolf's identity, based on clues from the movie. In the interview with director Annett on the DVD release, Annett says he hated the addition of the werewolf break. It was not in Annett's version of the film; he attributes the idea to producer Milton Subotsky. He does admit that some, including critic Leonard Maltin, liked it. An alternate version of the film was released under the title Black Werewolf. This cut omits the "werewolf break" near the climax.

In Videohound's Cult Flicks and Trash Pics, "Time Outs" came in at #3 on the "Film Gimmicks" list.

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