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A murder has taken place at a local pharmacy and, as fate would have it, aspiring dancer/actress Mara (Paola Tedesco) just popped in to get some aspirin—and heard the killer’s voice. Can she identify him? Is she now in danger?

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This Italian-made whodunit (originally titled Cat with the Jade Eyes), is filled with twists and turns and a cast of characters who all seem suspicious. There’s Lukas (Corrado Pani) Mara’s private investigator boyfriend, and there’s a chilly spinster, a skittish judge, an indifferent best friend, and an invalid from the past.

Director Antonio Bido presents the film with a number of minuses: no female nudity, obscene language, sex scenes, or car chases—staples of the exploitation genre. He does, however, supply a bit of gore—a face burning is particularly ghastly. The violence comes in spurts—one unfortunate character is strangled and drowned in the bathtub, but is decidedly offset by poolside conversations, a visit to an old folk’s home, and dancing at the local disco.

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More a mystery than the screaming title implies, Watch Me While I Kill has fine acting, great cinematography and memorable music. The downbeat final act is a genuine surprise.


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