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  • W.W. (pronounced Dubya-Dubya) Bright (Burt Reynolds) is a cool southern con-man, bank robbber, and stick-up artist of S.O.S gas stations (his former employer). W.W. not only "cleans-out" the cash register of S.O.S. Stations, he usually leaves them in a ball of flames with a mushroom cloud above the lube-racks. He meets-up with the honky tonk band, The Dixie Dancekings, led by the sexy Dixie (Connie Van Dyke). WW helps the band try to get a recording contract in Nashville and also tries to get Dixie herself to jump in the sack. If that wasnt enough fun, WW is also being chased by the Deacon John Wesley Gore (Art Carney). Gore is an ex-lawman turned preachin' radio-evangelist who is hired by the head of the S.O.S. Oil Company, Elton C. Byrd, to put a stop to WWs exploding gas station frolicks. Look for Smokey and The Bandit Director Hal Needham as a Patrolman. --Pete
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