Violent Naples/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Franco Micalizzi



1. Folk And Violence 2. Welcome To Napoli 3. Tira 'A Rezza Oj Piscatore 4. Crime Outcome 5. The Violence Face 6. A Man Before Your Time (Vocal) 7. Gennarino's Joke 8. I Wan't Say It 9. Naples' Alley 10. The Garage Of The Giant 11. Trap And Death 12. Fire In The Garage 13. The Giant Is Dead 14. Bloody Robbery 15. Rush For A Sign 16. Betti's Investigation 17. The Chase Over The Roofs 18. Useless Waiting 19. Criminals At Work 20. Ten Minutes To One 21. Get Down The Train 22. Targeting A Killer 23. Bitter Success 24. The Price For A Fight 25. Looking For Capuano 26. A Man Before Your Time (Instr.) 27. Thus Ended The General 28. The Price Is Too High 29. Get Back To Fight 30. A Man Before Your Time (Vocal)