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  • NAME:Me
  • STATUS: Projectionist
  • Favorite Exploitation Titles: The Streetfighter, Silent Night Deadly Night, The Prowler, Deep Red, Fight For Your Life, Deliverance, Walking Tall, Fighting Mad, Dragon Princess, Last House On The Left, Five Fingers Of Death, Slaughter High, Night Of The Creeps, Friday The 13th, Dawn Of The Dead, Night Of The Living Dead, Return Of The Living Dead, April Fool's Day, Motel Hell, Maniac, Long Weekend, Sleepaway Camp, Slumber Party Massacre, Northville Cemetery Massacre, My Bloody Valentine, The Burning, Cain's Cutthroats, Curtains, The House on Sorority Row, Student Bodies, Foxy Brown, Coffy, Suger Hill, Q: The Winged Serpent, Rolling Thunder, Vanishing Point, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The Driver, Race With The Devil, The Warriors, Black Caesar, BMX Bandits, Bucktown, Death Weekend, The Exterminator, Thriller, Super Fuzz and The Beyond more!
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