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College dropout Mike Kelly (Michael Hawkins) takes a job as a truck driver in order to find out what happened to his “troublemaker” dad—a man who perished in a freak accident when the breaks of his tractor trailer mysteriously went out. Mike thinks it wasn’t an accident. He believes someone killed his father and he’s determined to find out just who did it.


Does feisty, sarcastic wig-wearing Karen (Mary Cannon) know? She’s the daughter of Mike’s father’s former employer. The two get along well—in and out of the sack, and that causes even more trouble—especially when her dad finds out. Maybe Ben (Doodles Weaver) knows. He may be a man who loves to drink, but he worked with Mike’s father and his heart is in the right place.

Director Will Zens keeps this straightforward story moving—utilizing stolen truck stop shots, highway footage, and scenes filmed in parking lots and rented hotel rooms. The choreographed “fight” sequences may be eye-popingly laughable, but there’s an earnest earthiness to this Z-budget attraction.


One of very few existing films that made it to the home video market with the illegal practice of “subliminal advertising” intact (a single inserted 35mm frame of a delicious looking pizza pops up in the middle of a scene), Trucker’s Woman—originally titled Truckin’ Man, further documents America’s brief fascination with trucking and CB radios! “Keep on Truckin’” indeed!


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