Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-in Monsterama (BluRay)

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Trailer Listing

Superbeast/Daughters of Satan | The Boy Who Cried Werewolf | Werewolves on Wheels | Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride | Dracula's Great Love | War of The Gargantuas | Latitude Zero | Frankenstein's Bloody Terror | Vampire Beast Craves Blood | Bloodsuckers/Blood Thirst | The Folks at Red Wolf Inn | The Mad Butcher | Carnivorous | Island of the Damned | Island of the Fishmen | Frankenstein Island | Frankenstein and The Monster From Hell | Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter | Black Belly of the Tarantula/Weekend Murders | The Murder Clinic | Schizoid | The Night Evelyn Came Out of The Grave | Baron Blood | Dorian Gray | The Mephisto Waltz | The Reincarnation of Peter Proud | The Possession of Joel Delaney | Horror Chamber of Dr Faustus/ The Manster | Banana Monster | Gorilla Gang | Eye of the Cat | Willard | Kiss of the Tarantula | Cathy's Curse | The Demons | Mark of the Witch | Terror | Terror in the Wax Museum | Nightmare in Wax | Blood of Dracula's Castle | Castle of Evil | The Terror | Tower of the Screaming Virgins | Scream of the Demon Lover | And Now The Screaming Starts | The House That Screamed | Hell House Girls | House of 1000 Dolls | House of Psychotic Women | House of Seven Corpses | House by the Lake | Burnt Offerings | Horror House | Beast in the Cellar | Blood on Satan's Claw | Silent Night, Bloody Night | Women & Bloody Terror/Night of Bloody Horror |Blood From The Mummy's Tomb/Night of the Blood Monsters | The Blood Rose | Blood Demon | Brides of Blood | Brain of Blood | The Vampire People | Curse of the Vampires | Guess What Happened to Count Dracula? | Andy Warhol's Dracula | Flesh for Frankenstein | The Embalmer | The Deathmaster | The Thing With Two Heads | Creature with the Blue Hand | The Psychopath | Tales That Witness Madness | Kiss and Kill | De Sade | The Computer Killers | The Mind Snatchers | Brainstorm/The Woman Who Wouldn't Die | Let's Scare Jessica to Death | Necromancy | Night of the Eagle | The Brotherhood of Satan | Beware My Brethren | Land of the Minotaur | The Lost Continent | Island of Terror/The Projected Man | The Shuttered Room | Torture Garden | In the Devil's Garden | The Devil's Nightmare | Devils of Darkness | The Devil Within Her | The Gorgon/ Curse of The Mummy's Tomb | Maniac/The Old Dark House | Zombie


• Transferred and Digitally Mastered in 4K from vintage 35mm film sources • Sound Digitally Remastered from Original Optical Soundtracks • All trailers presented in their Original Aspect Ratios • Audio Commentary with Keith Crocker, director of THE BLOODY APE and BLITZKRIEG: ESCAPE FROM STALAG 69, and George Reis, from DVD! • Original Menu Music by Ian Zapczynski • New Cover Art from Stephen Romano