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  • Chien Ho and Lan Ling are a happy couple expecting a baby. Their families have been enemies for a long time and the Ling family wants to kill the Chiens. Lan sees Chien laying on the ground, thinks he's dead and suddenly she jumps off a cliff (lands on a tree, survives, but everybody else thinks she's dead). Out of the blue, a tiger shows up, she gets angry and accidentally pees on the tiger's face. The Legend says: "When you pee on a tiger he will be your subject and follow you wherever you go". She later gives birth to her son, Chau Chiang Ho. He grows up in the jungle, plays with the tiger alot and invents his own Kung Fu style from the wild cat. At the age of twenty Chau goes to the city and meets his father (he and his mother always thought that he was dead). The Ho and Ling families are still enemies and guess what? He falls in love with the Ling's daughter. Now the real fight starts with the families. All the Ho's begin getting murdered brutally. Chau's mother dies and the tiger is now free and swears revenge (at night he becomes an old Zombie-Woman), to kill every one of the Ling's. Will the tiger remain an old Zombie-Woman? Will the tiger become a wild cat again? Will the tiger land in a zoo? We have 2 great genres here, Martial Arts and Horror. The last 20 minutes I had the feeling I was watching a horror movie. That part of the film was well done. The whole story was great but somehow the spark wouldn't come over me. The Kung Fu was also well done. Watch it when you can see this rare film. --GBS
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