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  • Bo Arne Vibenius made this film to cover up the financial failure of his first film. His intention was to create "a commercial-as-hell crap-film". The actors had a clause in their contracts to ensure that they would not reveal who the director of the film really was.
  • Swedish censorship banned the film in April 4, 1973. Despite the tag line, this is not the first Swedish film to be banned in Sweden, that was Trädgårdsmästaren (1912).
  • Christina Lindberg had no driver's licence, but does her own driving, with a policeman lying on the car floor, operating the shift.
  • A long standing rumor surrounding the film was that a real corpse was used for the scene where Madeleine's eye is taken out with a scalpel. In a March 2006 interview, Christina Lindberg confirmed this. The body was of a young girl who had committed suicide. Makeup was added to the eye, and the shot was filmed in the hospital that had received the body.
  • Director Cameo: [Bo Arne Vibenius] The hot-dog vendor who shows Madeleine the way into the dock.
  • During pre-production, Christina Lindberg was doing some shotgun-training outdoors and was arrested when bystanders thought she was shooting at them.
  • In the shooting-up scenes, Christina Lindberg injected salt mixed with water.
  • The film (as "Thriller") was rejected for cinema by the BBFC in 1974.
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