Three Films with Sammo Hung (BluRay)

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The Films

Box Set

  • Region B
  • Studio: Eureka Ent.
  • Special Features: O-Card slipcase • Stunning 1080p presentation of all three films on Blu-ray, from brand new 2K restorations and in their original widescreen aspect ratios • Original Cantonese mono tracks for all three films • English audio options, all three films include the option of “classic” English dubs from the films original international releases, and the newer English dubs produced for later home video releases • The Iron-Fisted Monk –- Fully Restored Cantonese mono track, with original sound effects reinserted after being absent from previous releases • The Magnificent Butcher – Alternate Cantonese mono track featuring a unique mix and different music cues • Eastern Condors: The Export Version [94 mins] – Presented in 2K, a shorter edit of the film released to international markets • Newly translated English subtitles (optional) for all three films • Brand new audio commentaries on Eastern Condors and The Magnificent Butcher by martial-arts cinema authority Mike Leeder and filmmaker Arne Venema • Brand new audio commentary on The Iron-Fisted Monk and Eastern Condors by Asian film expert Frank Djeng (NY Asian Film Festival) • Multiple interviews with Sammo Hung, talking about his work on each film • Interview with actor and stuntman Yuen Wah, talking about his work on Eastern Condors • Interview with Yuen Woo-ping, talking about his work on The Magnificent Butcher • Eastern Condors Live! – a live performance from the 1987 “Miss Hong Kong Pageant” • Trailers for all three films • Limited Edition Collector’s booklet featuring new writing on all three films by James Oliver
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