The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go

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The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go (1971, USA) is a Spy film directed by Burgess Meredith


The production started in Late 1969 after Diba Productions company had a little success with the film Mission Batangas, Ross, who was with the company in his offices in Ontario, fronted some money for this production to Meredith in the hopes of getting yet another swinging Fu Manchu-style Hip Comedy on the screens, but with the interest in all things Hippie wearing off around the time the cameras started to roll in December of that year in Hong Kong (the month of Altamont) with the film having problems with both the production and the budget, it looked as if the company wanted the film to be out as soon as possible in classic "Today, not Friday" style. It was reported that the company had the footage before Meredith could have some say in the edit, resulting in the huge mess that was created, including some takes that had bad sound and clumsy use of camera angles all edited together in quick time. With the obviously added on footage featuring Crawford adding to the confusion into what could have been a cohesive story, things get thrown into a state and the music, created by Robert O. Ragland, fresh from his success on The Babysitter, tries in vain to cover up the slapped-together effect of the film. The added-on footage with Crawford may explain the presence of Jack Tucker, not credited on the print I saw, being listed in some credit lists for this film - Tucker was an editor in 1971's Hawaiian Split, the first of many films for him.


The Distribution of the film went to one company to another once it was finally released. Starting off with a pick up through Scotia International, who possibly passed it on to other companies quickly after playing it a few times (thankfully - They did made Grindhouse history with their Distribution of Psychomania), with it's time with United Film Organization having a cheap "Yin and Yang" pin promotion being possibly it's best known. Through The 70's and 80's, it was only mentioned in small doses as a side note, but with it's legend as a Bad Film growing, it's hard to resist the temptation of checking out just how bad it really was. The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go shows just how messed up Star-studded Psychedelic Cinema got by 1969, and is now a very interesting curio to check out.

Main Details

  • Released in 1971
  • Running time: 89 Minutes
  • Production Company: Ross Film Productions Limited | Granville Trust
  • Presented by Grand National Films (1974 release)
  • Distribution Companies: Scotia International (1972) | National General Pictures (1973) | Sunset International Releasing (1973) | United Film Organization (1974) | Libert (1976)
  • Directed by Burgess Meredith
  • Assistant Director: Chaplin Chan
  • Screenplay by Burgess Meredith
  • Story by Joseph Zucchero and Alvin Ostroff
  • Script Supervisor: Terry Bourke
  • Produced by Thomas I Ross
  • Production Manager: John Chang
  • Associate Producer: James Cranston
  • Assistant to the Associate Producer: William Farnival
  • Director of Photography: John Stephens
  • Editor: Richard Brockway
  • Music: Robert O. Ragland (music) and Marsha Waldorf (lyrics)
  • Starring James Mason, Jeff Bridges (as Jeffery Bridges), Peter Lind Hayes, Jack McGowran, Irene Tsu, Clarissa Kaye, Burgess Meredith, King Hu, Broderick Crawford

Also Known As

  • Touch and Go (Production title)
  • The Third Eye (Video Title)


  • She was an instrument of pain and pleasure - She even took on the CIA (1974 release)
  • I was MADE in Hong Kong (1974 release)
  • It'll make you think of Dr. No (1974 release)