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  • Filming during the scene with The Orphans was interrupted by a police chase.
  • There were always crowds of spectators during filming, even at 3am in the freezing cold.
  • When the ficticious Turnbull ACs visited a hamburger joint during filming, people fled in fear of being attacked.
  • The Homicides were the real gang of Coney Island and didn't approve of fictional gangs wearing colours on their turf and so the wardrobe department made sure nobody walked off location wearing The Warriors colours. The gang were safe in the cemetary scene in Brooklyn due to a fence that surrounded them.
  • Filming had to be relocated on occassion due to the noise of crowds that came to watch. Some crowd members were forcibly removed from set.
  • Crew members were sent threats on their lives because local gangs had not been cast. Thousands of dollars worth of equipment were damaged when one gang tore through the set during a lunch break.
  • Crew lighting caused the light-sensitive street lights to switch on in the scenes below the subway. The crew had to go and tape over the light sensors of the street lights.
  • The Baseball Furies were created due to Walter Hill's love of baseball and the rock music group KISS.
  • The crew once got urinated upon from a tower block due to the noise they were creating in the night.
  • The film trucks were "protected" by a real gang called The Mongrels for $500 a day.
  • David Patrick Kelly (Luther) improvised the famous line "Warriors, come out to play!" and based it upon a taunt that an old neighbour used to chant to him as a kid.
  • President Ronald Reagan called up Michael Beck to tell him that he enjoyed watching The Warriors when he watched it at Camp David.
  • In the subway where Mercy is running with Fox's double, she fell and sprained her wrist because the actor didn't let go of her hand. This is why she later appears in a jacket as it is covering up the bandage.
  • In one take, Michael Beck (Swan) swings a bat into Deborah's face (in the scene where he throws it at the cop). She was rushed to hospital at 3am for stitches and still has a scar.
  • The original poster featured the words "These are the armies of the night. They are 100,000 strong. They outnumber the cops five to one. They could run New York City." This upset and outraged many people and some tried to have the film banned.
  • Thomas Waites (The Fox) left the film midway through filming and was replaced by a body double who was tossed on to the train tracks. This becomes obvious when watching the film as when he runs in front of the camera, you can see him trying to hide his face.
  • Ranked #6 on Entertainment Weekly's "Guilty Pleasures: Testosterone Edition" list (#927, March 30, 2007, as part of the article "Bloodbath and Beyond," about Grindhouse.) The magazine wrote: "Ahhh, New York City in the '70s. The subways were covered with graffiti and you wouldn't dare step outside without mace. This candy-colored street gang epic shows you why."
  • "World Announcement (Skit)" from Def Squad's 1998 album El Niño is based on Cyrus' speech.
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