The Visitor/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Franco Micalizzi



A1. Stridulum Theme A2. Here's The Dream A3. Running Away From Jerzy A4. Sadness Theme B5. Distressing Sequence B6. Hospital Sequence B7. Voices For Sadness Theme B8. Jerzy Again B9. Sadness Theme (2nd Part) C10. Atmosphere C11. Back In Hospital C12. Distressing Sequence (#2) C13. Stridulum Theme (#2) C14. Distressing Sequence (#3) C15. Jerzy Again (#2) D16. Atmosphere (#2) D17. Sadness Theme (2nd Part, Take2) D18. Stridulum Theme (#3) D19. Atmosphere (#3) D20. Jerzy Again (#3)

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