The Toy Box

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The Toy Box (1971, USA) is a Horror film directed by Ronald Víctor García
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  • Synopsis: Swingers Donna and Ralph are invited to a midnight party at the castle of "Uncle," an overweight pervert. However, it appears that Uncle has died, which doesn't stop the guests from turning his wake into a non-stop orgy. Reality and illusion blur as various partygoers may or may not be gruesomely murdered; worse, a giant nude woman informs our guests that Uncle is actually an alien who's collecting specimens for an extraterrestrial toy store specializing in the brains of "depraved" humans!


Main Details

  • Released in 1971
  • Color
  • Running Time: 89 Min
  • Production Co: Pacific International Enterprises
  • Distribution Co: Boxoffice International Pictures (BIP) (1971) (USA) (theatrical) | Marden Films (1973) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Ronald Víctor García (as Ron Garcia)
  • Written by Ronald Víctor García (written by) (as Ron Garcia)
  • Starring Sean Kenney, Ann Perry, Neal Bishop, Debbie Osborne, Sally Howard (as Deborah Osborne), T.E. Brown, Uschi Digard
  • Produced by Paul Hunt, Harry H. Novak, Phillip Yankowitz
  • Cinematography by Paul Hunt (as H.P. Edwards)
  • Film Editing by Ronald Víctor García (as Rahn Vickery)

Also Known As

  • The Orgy Box
  • Germany (DVD title) Sexualrausch
  • Italy - La scatola dei giochi erotici
  • Germany - Sexualrausch


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