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  • A poster can be seen on the wall in the radio station for the band "Fine Young Cannibals."
  • The "family group shot," as seen in the advertisements, posters and video covers, uses the same positioning as the promotional group shot for the movie The Breakfast Club.
  • When the BBFC notified Cannon that at least 20 minutes, and possibly 25, would have to be trimmed, Cannon aborted its plans for a planned U.K. release in 1986.
  • Director, Tobe Hooper and co-writer of the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Kim Henkel originally had an idea for a sequel that would feature an entire town of cannibals, and also be a satire of the film Motel Hell, which itself was a satire of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The title of that sequel was to be 'Beyond The Valley Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', but the studio forced considerable changes to be made to the screenplay, even hiring a new screenwriter, and the result of those changes are what became Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2.
  • The controversial "butcher cover" of The Beatles album "Yesterday and Today" can be seen hanging in the radio station.
  • When originally submitted to the MPAA, it received an "X" certificate, prompting the filmmakers to release it as "unrated".
  • Jim Siedow is the only actor in this movie that was in the original.
  • Final film of Jim Siedow.
  • John Bloom aka Joe Bob Briggs was cast, and his name is listed in the closing credits, but his scenes were edited out of the final version.
  • Out of all the sequels and remakes, this is the only film which follows the same time-line as the original film. All of the others have no reference in their screen stories to the events in the original film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
  • Throughout the film, many references are made to the "Red River Rivalry" or "Red River Shootout" in regards to the football game going on during the film. This was not invented for the film. As any avid college football fan can tell you, the "Red River Rivalry" is the common name for the animosity between the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas. The film takes place during OU vs. Texas weekend.
  • Tom Savini once stated that the makeup effects that he created for Grandpa is his most proud accomplishment, which he compares to the makeup for the aged Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man (1970).
  • In the original screenplay, Stretch was going to be Lefty Enright's illegitimate daughter.
  • Director Tobe Hooper deleted a lengthy scene in which the Sawyer family goes out hunting for prime meat. The scene was cut for pacing but is present on the Gruesome Edition DVD.
  • Caroline Williams wanted to make a strong impression at her audition. When she was called in, she went to the end of the hallway and ran screaming into the room, where she pulled Tobe Hooper and L.M. Kit Carson out of their seats and used the chairs to barricade the door before she began her scene.
  • A release in West Germany in 1986 was not possible because the film was banned before the film could be released to theaters. In 2012, Turbine Medien acquired the rights to the film and has now begun the process of getting the banishment revoked (something they successfully did for the first TCM).
  • Director Cameo : Tobe Hooper: Frolicking during a party scene.
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