The Soul of Nigger Charley/Soundtrack

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< The Soul of Nigger Charley
  • Original Music by Don Costa Orchestra



1. Main Title - Charley (Don Costa Orch.) 2. Main Theme To Water Tower (Don Costa Orch.) 3. A Lonely Summer (Love Theme) (Don Costa Orch.) 4. Can You Dig It? (Working Music) (Don Costa Orch.) 5. Sometime Day (Lou Rawls) 6. The Lonely Summer (Don Costa Orch. And Chorus) 7. Train's Comin' (Don Costa Orch.) 8. Lord, It's A Long Time Comin' (Don Costa Orch. And Chorus) 9. Fiesta (Don Costa Orch.) 10. Sandoval (Don Costa Orch.) 11. Morning Comes Around (Lou Rawls)

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