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  • Jeff Goldblum was dubbed in all but one scene.
  • Kate Jackson was asked to play Alison Parker, but turned down the part.
  • Universal had hoped to sign on 'Don Siegel (I)' as director, but Siegel ultimately bowed out due to his discomfort with this particular movie genre.
  • Academy Award-winner John Williams was originally supposed to score the music. However, when Williams backed out to do a project by George Lucas, Michael Small was later supposed to be a replacement. Small eventually was unable to do the score which led to Golden Globe-nominee Gil Melle, who composed a chilling score which blends the the elements of Williams, Jerry Fielding, and James Horner.
  • 'Michael Winner' says in his memoirs he wanted Martin Sheen to play the male lead but the studio vetoed this saying he was a TV name.
  • The book on Milton's poems that Professor Ruzinsky hands to Lerman was edited by Maurice Kelley (1903-1996), an actual Milton authority.
  • Richard Dreyfuss: Man talking to girl in red sweater as Cristina Raines and Deborah Raffin are walking on the sidewalk.
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