The Savage Five

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The Savage Five (1974, Hong Kong) is a Martial Arts movie directed by Chang Cheh.


Main Details

  • Released on February 15, 1974
  • Color
  • Running time: 91 minutes
  • Production Co.: Shaw Brothers
  • Distribution Co.: Shaw Brothers| World Northal
  • Directed by Chang Cheh
  • Written by Chang Cheh and Kuang Ni
  • Starring: David Chiang, Lung Ti, Kuan Tai Chen

Also known as

  • Wu hu jiang (original title)
  • The Savage 5

Plot Summary

  • A town is taken over by a brutal gang, which has taken a safe in a robbery of another town and needs to find someone who can open it for them. They terrorize the townsfolk, beating up and even killing some of them, until several young men who know martial arts decide to stand up to the criminals
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