The Rebel Rousers

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The Rebel Rousers (1970, USA) is a Biker film directed by Martin B. Cohen.

Rebel rousers.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1970
  • Color
  • Runtime: 78 min
  • Distribution Co: Four Star Excelsior
  • Production Co: Paragon International Pictures
  • Directed by Martin B. Cohen
  • Written by Martin B. Cohen, Michael Kars, Abe Polsky
  • Produced by Dascha Auberbach, Rex Carlton, Martin B. Cohen
  • Cinematography by László Kovács & Glen R. Smith
  • Editing by George W. Brooks
  • Music by William Loose
  • Starring Cameron Mitchell, Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd

Plot Summary

  • A couple is terrorized by bikers and the town's folk want nothing to do with it when the husband escapes looking for help.


  • Their creed: "If it feels good, do it!"
  • They laid waste to the flesh and blood of America's daughters.
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