The Outside Man

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The Outside Man (Un homme est mort) (1972, France/Italy/USA) is an Action-Crime-Drama-Thriller film directed by Jacques Deray.


Main Details

  • Released on December 21, 1972 (Italy)
  • Color
  • Running time: 104 minutes
  • Production Co.: Cité Films | General Production Company | Les Productions Artistes Associés Mondial Televisione Film
  • Distribution Co.: United Artists
  • Directed by Jacques Deray
  • Written by Jean-Claude Carrière, Jacques Deray and Ian McLellan Hunter (screenplay), from a story by Jean-Claude Carrière and Jacques Deray
  • Starring: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Ann-Margret, Roy Scheider

Plot Summary

  • After fulfilling a contract killing in Los Angeles, a French hit man becomes the target of a hit himself and tries to flee back to Paris.


  • If you kill the most powerful man in organized crime, they've got the rest of your life to get you.
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