The Life and Cinema of Ted V. Mikels

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“The Life and Cinema of Ted V. Mikels” is an authorized biography of iconic filmmaker Ted V. Mikels that spans his 87 years, ending with his last project, “10 Violent Women 2,” when he passed away on October 16, 2016. The result of extensive interviews with Mikels from December 2015 to May 2016, author Kevin Scott Collier weaves together a memoir that includes exclusive interviews with nearly 50 stars who appeared in his films, such as James McEachin, Maureen Gaffney, Gary Kent, Leslie McRae, Sean Kenney, Francine York, Sherri Vernon, Tiger Yang, Rusty Meyers, Sean Morelli, Brinke Stevens, Donna Hamblin, Kevin Sean Michaels, Raymond P. Whalen, Cory Udler, Richard and Gary Lester, Beverly Washburn, Mr. Lobo, Lani Silverman, Jade Satana, Siouxzan Perry and Sharla Rae Satana. Included are 20 pages of photographs, and a guide to his unreleased 1950's 16mm productions. (Amazon)

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