The Libertine/BluRay

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  • Nucleus Films
  • The European Cult Cinema Collection
  • Release date: 21 September 2020
  • Uncensored Italian Version and alternate American theatrical release included
  • Audio: Italian and English
  • Optional subtitles and SDH
  • Extras: Audio Commentary with Author, Editor and Critic Kat Ellinger; Trovajoli Postlude Lovey Jon on Composer Armando Trovajoli; Fantasy, Futurism and Frivolity: Production Design in Pasquale Festa Campanile s The Libertine, a Visual Essay by Rachael Nisbet; Outtakes and Alternate Footage; Alternate English and French Credits; Original Censor Cuts; Extensive Image Gallery; Audubon Films Poster Gallery; Japanese Promo Videos; American, Italian and French Theatrical Trailers
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