The Last House on Dead End Street/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Various Artists



A1. Lewis Stern: Pulse Of Terror A2. Eric Peters: Electrofear A3. Eric Peters: Occult A4. Eric Peters: Space Movement A5. Eric Peters: Psycho Theme A6. Lewis Stern: Pulse Of Fear A7. Alan Hawkshaw: Beat Me 'Till I'm Blue A8. Ron Geesin: Agonythm B1. David Fanshawe: Dawn Odyssey B2. David Fanshawe: Destructive Powers B3. David Fanshawe: Cybernetics Fast B4. David Fanshawe: Terror Noises B5. David Fanshawe: Dark Vibrations B6. David Fanshawe: Nightmare B7. David Fanshawe: Transformation Odyssey B8. Don Harper, Li De La Russe, Niki St. George: Celestial Cantabile B9. Ron Geesin: Omination

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