The Intruder

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Main Details

  • Released in 1962 | B & W
  • Running Time: 84 Min.
  • Production Co: Roger Corman Productions (as Filmgroup Inc.)
  • Distribution Co: Pathé-America Distributing Company (1962) (USA) (theatrical) | Cinema Distributors of America (1966) (USA) (theatrical) (retitled re-release) | Accord-Film (1963) (West Germany) (theatrical) | Lii-Filmi (1964) (Finland) (theatrical) | Regionale (196?) (Italy) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Roger Corman
  • Written by Charles Beaumont
  • Starring William Shatner, Frank Maxwell, Beverly Lunsford, Ella McDaniel
  • Produced by Gene Corman, Roger Corman
  • Original Music by Herman Stein
  • Cinematography by Taylor Byars
  • Film Editing by Ronald Sinclair

Plot Summary

  • A man in a gleaming white suit comes to a small Southern town on the eve of integration. He calls himself a social reformer. But what he does is stir up trouble--trouble he soon finds he can't control.

Also Known As

  • Die Eindringlinge (Germany) (TV title) | Hetsaren (Sweden) | I Hate Your Guts! (USA) (reissue title) | Kiihotus (Finland) | Lynchning (Denmark) | L'Odio esplode a Dallas (Italy) | Shame (USA) (reissue title) | The Stranger (UK) | Uppvigling (Finland) (Swedish title) | Weißer Terror (Germany)


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