The Incredible Shrinking Man

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The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957, USA) is a Horror-Science Fiction film directed by Jack Arnold.

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Main Details

  • Released on February 22, 1957 (New York premiere)
  • B&W
  • Running time: 81 minutes
  • Production and Distribution Co.: Universal Pictures
  • Directed by Jack Arnold
  • Written by Richard Matheson and Richard Alan Simmons (uncredited), from Matheson's novel
  • Starring: Grant Williams, Randy Stuart, April Kent

Plot Summary

  • When Scott Carey begins to shrink because of exposure to a combination of radiation and insecticide, medical science is powerless to help him.


  • Almost beyond the imagination . . . A strange adventure into the unknown ! [UK Theatrical]
  • Victim of weird mist ! Day by day he shrinks! Science is baffled! Cat becomes monster! Terror at every turn! Deadly spider attacks! Lost in a flood's fury!
  • A fascinating adventure into the unknown!
  • The Most _Incredible_ Story - Ever!
  • Hour by hour he gets smaller - and _smaller_!
  • Moment by moment the terror mounts!
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