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  • A promotional sign was posted at every theater showing this film which stated: "FOR YOUR PROTECTION! We will not permit you to see these shockers unless you agree to release the theatre of all responsibility for death by fright!" Moviegoers actually had to sign a "Fright Release" before they entered the theater.
  • Assistant director Wayne Tippit plays one of the two drunks killed by the monster.
  • Horror author Stephen King cites this as one of his favorite films.
  • Del Tenney shot this film back-to-back with his film The Curse of the Living Corpse (1964). It was released on double feature with The Horror of Party Beach.
  • Director Del Tenney was apprehensive about the films combination of the teen beach movie genre and the monster horror genre, not knowing how it would go over with an audience. Tenney said he was admitted surprised by the films success.
  • The 'underwater' transformation scene of the monsters was actually shot on a stage with images of fish in an aquarium superimposed over the dissolving stage shots.
  • Most of the secondary characters in the film were locals of Stamford, Connecticut that were cast on location.
  • Director Del Tenney said he kept the monster suits from this film for years afterward and wore them at parties for laughs.
  • Chocolate syrup was used for blood during the monster attack scenes.
  • According to director Del Tenney, there were only two complete monster heads created for the film, which is why in most shots of multiple monsters you don't see their heads clearly. For the climatic scene at Fingle's Quarry the shot of the horde of monsters running through the woods was created by superimposing different takes of the complete monsters together.
  • Shot in three weeks.
  • Cinematographer/co-writer Richard Hilliard cameos as the father watching the news report of the monster attacks on TV. Del Tenney's young son and daughter play the children in the same scene.
  • Alice Lyon's voice is dubbed throughout the entire film.
  • Director Del Tenney played the monster that attempts to get the two girls that leave the drug store.
  • Because of the film's low-budget, the 'car crash' between the two drunks was faked by sound effects and placing the cars at an angle to make them appear to be touching.
  • For a meeting in which Del Tenney was going to show the film to executives from Twentieth Century Fox to see if they would pick it up, Tenney brought in some folks to wear the monster suits for promotion. One of the monsters just happened to be in the restroom when an executive from Twentieth Century came in. The gentleman freaked out at the sight of the monster Tenney recalled. Everyone had a good laugh about it and Twentieth Century Fox released the film.
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