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In Rome, British dude Mike Hamilton (David Hemmings) is the captain of a top secret undercover operation in the Italian capital. He wants to catch the "Drug Lord" of Rome. His undercover guy has infiltrated the underground drug scene, he is Fabio (Fabio Testi). He does many things to get access to the local boss. The boss wants him to do a drug transfer. Fabio shows up on the spot to collect the dope for money. The otherside acts badly and want to shoot him but guess what? (he shot everybody else). Now Fabio has credibility and says to the boss let us steal drugs from the police. He agrees. After some dead bodies the job is done. A transmitter was placed into the case. The criminals find the transmitter. Now Fabios camouflage is over and he has to act quick now. Directed by Enzo G. Castellari. The cinematography was nice. A good film. Fabio Testi is a good actor. Of course Enzo G. Castellari has done better flicks. This isn't one of his best, but still a nice one. One thing I need to figure out now is... the plane scene. Where the plane flies under the freeway bridge. Was that a real plane or a plane model? Because in other parts of the flick the planes looked like short models. Recommended! --GBS

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