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The Glory Stompers against The Black Souls...The film starts with Darryl (Jody McCrea) and Chris (Chris Noel). Both are having problems. Chris wants to live the normal way. Darryl wants a life with no kids and no goddamn 9 to 5. After a little both leave the scene for a private talk. Then the evil Chino (Dennis Hopper) with his biker crew shows up. They have a fight and Darryl gets beat down. They think they've snuffed him out. The Black Souls take Chris with them. They go south and try to sell her to the mexicans for some money. Unbeknownst to them, Darryl is still alive and tries to find them. On his way, his bike gets fucked up. Then he meets an old Glory Stompers buddy who is outta the gang (because of getting older and having his own conflicts with the biker life). He follows Darryl and helps him. The final act? Guess what? It gets down to business. First of all, Dennis Hopper plays every actor into the ground in the film. The action scenes for that time (1968) were very cool. The cinematography was great in the action scenes as well. Reminded me of Quentin Tarantino often (he uses the same style). Its a great Biker Flick. If you haven't seen it yet, do it now. Recommended! -- GBS

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