The Evil Dead/Soundtrack

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  • Original Music by Joe LoDuca



A1. A Nightmare Reimagined - Overture A2. Main Title A3. Evild Dawn. The Cabin Revisited A4. Automatic Writing A5. Get The Lantern A6. Incantation B1. Eye Games - Charm B2. The Vines B3. Panic B4. Wont Let Us Leave - Card Tricks - Pencil It In B5. Love Never Dies C1. Give Us Your Skin C2. Ok Now C3. Axe Girlfriend C4. We're Gonna Taunt You C5. Shelly Attacks C6. Try To Dismember C7. Burying Linda C8. Cheryl's Out There C9. Cant Find Her Keys C10. Bridge Out D1. Dagger Attack D2. Remembering Linda D3. Two Against One D4. Book Burning D5. Charmed D6. We're Gonna Get You D7. Building The Deathcoaster

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