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Synopsis: The Delinquents, maverick filmmaker Robert Altman's feature film debut, is the ultimate in the kids-gone-bad film genre. Pre-Billy Jack actor Tom Laughlin stars as Scotty, a young man drawn into a potentially deadly friendship when he inadvertently becomes involved with "the wrong crowd."Naiveté will lead Scotty and his girlfriend, Janice (Rosemary Howard) into dangerous waters when adolescent fun escalates into robbery, assault and kidnapping. The Delinquents, written and directed by Robert Altman (MASH, Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean), co-stars Peter Miller (Forbidden Planet), Dick Bakalyan (Chinatown) and Helen Hawley (Two-Gun Betty).

  • Region A
  • With optional English SDH subtitles.
  • Studio: Olive Films
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