The Decline of Western Civilization/Soundtrack

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TRACK LISTING: A1.Black Flag- "White Minority" A2.Black Flag- "Depression" A3.Black Flag- "Revenge" A4.Germs- "Manimal" A5.Catholic Discipline- "Underground Babylon" A6.X- "Beyond And Back" A7.X- "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene" B1.X- "We're Desperate" B2.Circle Jerks- "Red Tape" B3.Circle Jerks- "Back Against The Wall" B4.Circle Jerks- "I Just Want Some Skank" B5.Circle Jerks- "Beverly Hills" B6.Alice Bag Band- "Gluttony" B7.Fear- "I Don't Care About You" B8.Fear- "I Love Livin' In The City" B9.Fear- "Fear Anthem"

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