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  • Voice specialist Paul Frees is given credit for special voice effects. His contributions included the vocal sounds of the cyclops, the breathing sound of the giant lizard and the "Mexican" voice heard on the plane's radio.
  • The cyclops myth almost certainly originated in the Greek islands, which in prehistoric times were the home of dwarf mastodons. By the classical period they were all extinct, but their jumbled bones could be found in caves (and still are). Like the modern elephant, the skull has a central opening for the nasal passage of the trunk, which resembles a human eye socket, whereas the real sockets are further back and rather indistinct - thus it looks like the skull of a giant man with one eye.
  • Released on a double-bill with Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957), also starring Gloria Talbott.
  • Though much of the action takes place in two different canyons, all scenes for both were shot in the fabled Bronson Canyon; the famous cave was used in the "second" one.
  • The airplane depicted in the movie is a Stinson Voyager.
  • Due to a language barrier, Russ Bradford is handed the October 1955 issue of the "Ladies' Home Journal" instead of the "Sports Afield" magazine he requested.
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