The Ceremony

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The Ceremony (Erotiki teleti) (1979, Greece) is a Sexploitation-Crime-Romance film directed by Omiros Efstratiadis.


Main Details

  • Released on November 3, 1979 (Japan) | February 1980 (Milan, Italy) | May 15, 1981 (West Germany)
  • Color
  • Running time: 90 min | 76 min (Italy) | 79 min (cut) | 104 min (theatrical) (Australia)
  • Production Co.: G.D. Films
  • Distribution Co.: Dynasty Film Distributors (1979) (Australia) (theatrical) | G.D. Films (1977) (World-wide) (theatrical) | Greg Lynch Film Distributors (1979) (Australia) (theatrical) | Paul Heinz Knipp Film (1981) (West Germany) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Omiros Efstratiadis
  • Written by Giannis Sklavos
  • Starring: Hristos Nomikos, Maria Konsta, Yiorgos Gintis

Plot Summary

  • Against the backdrop of a monotonous life, two friends find their golden opportunity in the person of a rich woman who enlists their help in an easy job that will set them up for life. However, can they escape from the crafty Circe's net?

Also known as

  • Insel der Begierde (Germany)
  • Erotic Ceremony
  • Porno frenesie di una vergine
  • Ερωτική τελετή
  • Erotiki teleti
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