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Jill Trevers (Mimsy Farmer) arrives in a small English town to do some photography work and mysterious murders begin to happen. Jill meets Professor Miles (Patric Macnee), who lurks in graveyards to record dead people's voices. Theres always a black cat around him (which attacks him often). Meanwhile, the local policeman Sergeant Wilson (Al Cliver) phones for help from Scotland Yard and they send Inspector Gorley (David Warbeck). He arrives and more dead people are found. He needs a photograph for a corpse and uses Jill, (she never did this kind of work before).

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Later on, two teenagers go missing. One mother knows the Professor and asks him for help since he's a psychic medium. Miles tells her where to find them (which he sees in a vision). The police and the mother arrive at the spot and find both dead. No human being could have done it. Professor Miles tries to hang the cat, but no luck, she comes back and the killing goes on further. Lucio Fulci said in The Bloody Best of Fangoria Vol. 9: "...The Black Cat is a picture I'm not proud of." Why did he say that? Of course its not his best movie but its still a good one in my opinion. I can't get enough of the close-up shots. Some Fulci fans say: "there's not enough gore in it." I say: "Yeah, but this is a movie which has got a more Gothic flair to it." Recommended!

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