The Big Doll House

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Main Details

  • Released in 1971
  • Color
  • Running Time: 95 Min.
  • Production Co: New World Pictures (as New World Pictures Inc.)
  • Distribution Co: New World Pictures (1971) (USA) (theatrical) | Howard Mahler Films (1971) (USA) (theatrical) (USA: East Coast)
  • Directed by Jack Hill
  • Written by Don Spencer
  • Starring Judith M. Brown, Roberta Collins, Pam Grier, Brooke Mills, Pat Woodell, Sid Haig, Kathryn Loder
  • Produced by John Ashley, Eddie Romero, Jane Schaffer, Roger Corman, Cirio H. Santiago
  • Original Music by Hall Daniels
  • Cinematography by Fred Conde
  • Film Editing by Cliff Fenneman

Also Known As

  • Bamboo Dolls House | Cárcel de mujeres (Venezuela) | Naarashäkki (Finland) | Sesso in gabbia (Italy) | Women's Penitentiary | Women's Penitentiary III (USA) (video title)


  • Their bodies were caged, but not their desires. They would do anything for a man - or to him.
  • Soft young girls behind hard prison bars
  • Boiling passions confined behind concrete walls
  • Naked lust that builds to a climax of death
  • White skin on the black market
  • The dirty dolls of devil's island. You can meet them for a price!
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