The Big Boss 2

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The Big Boss 2 (1976, HK) is a Martial Arts film directed by Chen Chor.


Main Details

  • Released in 1976
  • Color
  • Directed by Chen Chor
  • Starring Wai-Man Chan, Bruce Le, Lieh Lo, Ping Wang

Also Known As

  • Big Boss 2
  • Bruce Le, o kitrinos katapeltis (Greece)
  • Fists of Fury 2 (USA)
  • Tang Mountain Second Brother (Hong Kong) (literal title) (English title)
  • Tang saan yi hing (Hong Kong) (Cantonese title)
  • Tang shan da xiong 2 (working title)


The Big Boss Part II, released in 1976, was a sequel to the 1971 Bruce Lee film The Big Boss. The film starred martial arts stars Lo Lieh, Bruce Le and Chan Wai Man. The film is often confused for another film known as Big Boss II, also released in 1976, however that film stars Bruceploitation star Dragon Lee, and is unrelated to this film. The film was never released on home video or DVD, and it has not turned up in any bootleg format online. However at least one print of the film, dubbed into English, is known to exist and is owned by a Zambian cinema. The previous South African owner of said print has posted ten minutes of the film on YouTube, but has refused to release the entire film to the public. (Lost Media Wiki)

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