The Bastard (Shaw Brothers)

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The Bastard (1973, HK) is a Martial Arts film directed by Yuen Chor.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Aspect Ratio: (2.35:1)
  • Distributed Shaw Brothers
  • Directed by Yuen Chor
  • Written by Kang Chien Chiu
  • Starring: Hei Chan, Lau Chan, Shen Chan, Lei Cheng, Tsan Kang Chen, Ling Chiang, Lin Chiao, Miao Ching, Yuet Sang Chin, Yun Kin Chow, Hua Chung, Pak-Kwong Ho, Tan Lau, Lily Li, Peng-fei Li, Han Lo, Ti Lu, Mars, Sha-fei Ouyang, Di Tang, Choh Lam Tsang, Ching-Ho Wong, Chi Chin Wu, Chih-Ching Yang, Cheung-Yan Yuen, Shun-Yee Yuen, Woo-ping Yuen

Also Known As

  • Nobody's Son
  • Xiao za zhong


The incomparable Lily Li was considered an actress with an attitude, which was perfect for her becoming a bad-girl fighter. In "The Bastard", she plays a beggar girl that becomes a target for evil men plotting to make "The Bastard" a scapegoat for murder because he happens to like the son of a jailed dignitary's son accused of murder. "The Bastard" is actually a new take on an old Western classic, Alexandre Dumas' "Man In The Iron Mask" where epee and foil fencing is replaced with tornadoes of hands and feet. (IVL)

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