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Review of The Astro Zombies

Unlike other truly horrible B-movies, like let's say Ed Wood's movies, this movie lacks the entertainment factor and becomes bogged down in numerous sub-plots and intricacies. Over all, the movie is pretty boring.

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Everybody is trying to get their hands on the "Astro-Man", who is sometimes referred to as an "Astro-Zombie." The Chinese spy (Tura Satana) who never actually identifies herself as from that country, desperately wants to deliver the all-obeying "Astro-Man" to her government. The authorities and the mad scientist's former partner also are looking for the "Astro-Man" who was stupidly resurrected from a psychopath's brain and is now on a murderous rampage through town, killing off young gals.

The movie is flawed in almost every way. Many scenes are dragged on for much too long, especially in the labortories. The mad scientist talks to his wannabe Igor in B.S scientific lingo for a good chunk of the movie. If it made sense, it might have made a valuable addition to the movie. Unfortunately, it does not. The director decided to plop down numerous scenes like this throughout the movie. Also, it was never explained how the authorities came to the conclusion that a zombie was killing people. They tried to somehow make sense of it and they were not able to. Yes, I know this is a B-movie; it isn't supposed to make sense.

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However, the most egregious flaw in this movie, which also makes this a sub-par B-movie, is that the zombies were only in the movie for about 5 minutes. The first zombie was exposed to us in the first 5 minutes and then dissappeared for about half an hour. Instead, the movie focused more on the ridiculous and boring sub-plot of spies and police officers which was neither funny nor scary nor anything that should be in a 'quality' B-movie. When we finally get some zombie action by the end on the movie, we are so bored out of our minds that the action only disappoints, considering it lasts less than 5 minutes.

The movie fails as a good movie but more importantly, it fails as a B-movie, as it is boring and overall not funny. I would recommend a little bit of use of the fast forward button if I were you.

Reviewed by Biohazard

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